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family run business


the beginning.

this photo was taken in 1975

a man on a lifetime mission for a career working with joinery

he started the business in 1977 with a 600 sq ft unit,

and a couple of second hand tools.

Delivering joinery stacked overly high on a roof rack

1989 purchased a brand new factory

1996 purchased the adjoining factory

1999 purchased land to build a bold new factory that is Stiltland HQ

Steve Wakeling the founder and director of Stiltland s Ltd


old premises and logo

Screenshot 2020-08-04 at 12.01.19.jpeg
Screenshot 2020-08-04 at 12.01.32.jpeg

here at Stiltland we have a passion for joinery and research and development.

commitment to quality, detail and service. 


after nearly 40 years of successfully producing bespoke joinery we are proud of our reputation for quality

within the trade which is admired by many.


we have built our own factory and now operate an impressive joinery business, with the environment in mind. updating equipment, techniques and being innovative


Stiltland’s success has been built on our ability to anticipate our clients needs

offering advice, ideas and problem solving.


professional manufacturing to the highest standards.


Stiltland s Ltd HQ in construction

late 1999

Screenshot 2020-08-04 at 12.01.44.jpeg
Screenshot 2020-08-04 at 11.58.28.png
Screenshot 2020-08-04 at 11.58.40.png
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